ABCP 2021 Annual Conference

Basic Information

Venue: online
Dates: 2 & 3 July, 2021

Online Registration

As an online conference, the conference will be free to all, but we will reserve the right to decide who can attend considering constraints such as the limited technical capacity of the virtual conference system we will be using.

Speakers and Special Guests

We are still in the process of inviting and confirming invited speakers and special guests. If you want to make recommendations, please write to us at

Programme (Tentative)

Day 1 – Friday 2nd July 2021

  • 9-10am: Open ceremony, invited keynote talks and panel discussions
  • 10-10:30am: Coffee/tea and networking break
  • 10:30am-12:30pm: UK-China HEI Forum for presidents and vice presidents of HEIs (higher education institutions) in the UK and from China to share views on how HEIs in both countries can work more closely with each other
  • 12:30-2pm: Lunch break
  • 2-5pm: General assembly of ABCP members

Day 2 – Saturday 3rd July 2021

Parallel sessions split into four thematic tracks: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, and Medicine. If you are interested in presenting your research or contributing to any of the above tracks, please contact the corresponding Track Chair:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Professor Yaochu Jin (金耀初教授), University of Surrey
    • Topics: Machine learning; cognitive robotics; brain science; applications of AI; interdisciplinary aspects of AI (e.g., AI ethics)
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Professor Hongbiao Dong (董洪标教授), University of Leicester
    • Topics: Advanced manufacturing; digital manufacturing; additive manufacturing; engineering materials
  • Energy: Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang (张小平教授), University of Birmingham
    • Topics: Renewable energy; nuclear energy; energy storage; multi-energy carrier energy systems; smart energy systems/smart grids
  • Medicine: Professor Daqing Ma (马大青教授), Imperial College London
    • Topics: Biology; basic medical science research; translational medical research; health/ageing; cognitive science
  • UK-China collaboration: Professor Shujun Li (李树钧教授), University of Kent
    • Topics: Collaboration between the UK and China in research, innovation, education and general exchanges
  • Interdisciplinarity: Dr Wen Wang (汪文博士), University of Wolverhampton
    • Topics: Socio-technical research, innovation and education in emerging areas such as ageing society and public health


We welcome industrial sponsors to provide financial and technical support for the event. Please contact Professor Hongbiao Dong (董洪标教授), ABCP Vice-President for Industrial Liaison & Fund Raising, for more details.

Organising Committee

General Chair

Professor Jianguo Lin FREng (林建国院士): ABCP President; Professor in Mechanics of Materials Division, Imperial College London (General Co-Chair)

Chair of Organising Committee

Professor Hongming Xu (徐宏明教授): ABCP Vice-President for Policy & Membership; Chair in Energy and Automotive Engineering, University of Birmingham

Organising Committee

Professor Yi-Ke Guo FREng MAE (郭毅可院士): ABCP Vice-President for International Academic Affairs; Professor of Computing Science, Imperial College London; Vice-President (Research and Development), Hong Kong Baptist University
Professor Sai Gu (顾赛教授): ABCP Executive Vice President; Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor (China), University of Warwick (Chair for UK-China HEI Forum)
Professor Daqing Ma (马大青教授): ABCP Vice-President & General Secretary; Professor of Anaesthesia, Imperial College London (Track Chair for Medicine on Day 2)
Professor Jihong Wang (王吉红教授): ABCP Vice-President for Finance; Professor of Electrical Power & Control Engineering, University of Warwick (Finance Chair)
Professor Hongbiao Dong (董洪标教授): ABCP Vice-President for Industrial Liaison & Fund Raising; Professor of Materials Engineering & Research Chair of Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Leicester (Sponsorships Chair; Track Chair for Advanced Manufacturing on Day 2)
Professor Shujun Li (李树钧教授): ABCP Vice-President for Internal Communications & Public Relations; Professor of Cyber Security, University of Kent (Track Chair for UK-China Collaboration on Day 2)
Professor Yulong Ding FREng (丁玉龙院士): Chamberlain Chair of Chemical Engineering & Highview-RAEng Chair of Cryogenic Energy Storage, University of Birmingham
Professor Yaochu Jin (金耀初教授): Distinguished Chair, University of Surrey (Track Chair for Artificial Intelligence on Day 2)
Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang (张小平教授): Chair in Electrical Power Systems, University of Birmingham (Track Chair for Energy on Day 2)
Professor Zhibing Zhang FREng (张志兵院士): Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham
Professor Jian Ren Lu (吕建仁教授): University of Manchester
Dr Wen Wang (汪文博士): Reader in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, University of Wolverhampton (Track Chair for Interdisciplinarity on Day 2)