Register as a New Member

To register as a new Full Member or a new Associate Member of ABCP, please fill the form on the following page and pay the relevant membership fee:

New Membership Registration (2023-)

Please pay attention to the following points when filling the new membership registration form:

  • If you are a full professor or hold an equivalent professorial title with a higher education institution in the UK, please register as a Full Member.
  • If you are an academic working at a higher education institution in the UK under a permanent contract but not a full professor yet, please register as an Associate Member.
  • Normally only retired academics and Honorary Members are waived from paying the membership fee. If you are not sure, please contact for advice before registering your membership.
  • f you are not sure about your academic status/rank or not working at a higher education institution in the UK but feel you may be considered as a researcher eligible for the ABCP membership, please contact for advice before registering your membership.
  • If the university or research institution you work does not appear in the list of primary affiliations, please contact for advice before registering your membership.
  • Once registered all members are waived for future years’ annual membership fees until further notice. So for now, you can consider the membership fee as a “one-off” fee, which will secure your membership until the annual membership fee is re-introduced (the Association currently has no plan to do so in the foreseeable future).

Renew Your Existing Membership

The Standing Management Committee decided that, from July 2023, all existing members of ABCP do not need to pay a membership fee to renew their membership on a yearly basis. Therefore, if you are an existing member and want to keep your membership, you don’t need to do anything. You can of course request to terminate your membership, but please note that if you later decide to re-join ABCP you will be required to pay a one-off membership fee again.

Upgrade Your Associate Membership to Full Membership

If you are an Associate Member but were recently promoted to be a full professor thus eligible for our full membership, you will need to change your membership type from Associate Member to Full Member, and also need to pay the fee difference in the year of your promotion to upgrade your membership type (currently £50-£25=£25). To do so, please go to the same page for new member registration (as shown above), register your Full Membership and select “Membership Fee (Associate Member to Full Member) (£ 25)” and then pay the fee difference. After the payment is successful, we will contact you to discuss potential next steps (e.g., a small news article and/or a webinar to celebrate your new promotion to a full professor).

Difficulties with Logging into Your Account?

If you do not know how to log into your account or forget your password of your account on the ABCP website, please read this guidance for help. If you see an error message saying that your account has not been activated, please contact us at for manual activation.

Contact Us

If you are unsure about which membership type fits your current status, please contact the Association via