Register as a New Member

If you are not a current ABCP member, you need to register with us as a new member first.

If you are a full professor or hold an equivalent professorial title with a higher education institution in the UK, please click the following link to register your full membership.

If you are a member of academic staff at a higher education institution in the UK but have not reached the full professorial academic rank, please click the following link to register your associate membership.

Renew Your Existing Membership

If you are already a Full or Associate Member of the ABCP, every year you are required to renew your membership by giving your consent to our Memberships Rule and Privacy Policy again and paying the membership fees by a set deadline (1 July 2022 for renewing your membership for the period of 01/07/2022-30/06/2023). Please log into your account first and then click the following link to renew your membership and pay the fee:

2022-23 Membership Renewal

If you don’t renew your membership after the set deadline, your user account and other personal information will be deleted from the ABCP system and the website (per requirements of the EU GDPR and UK Data Protection Act 2018). If you later decide to come back to the ABCP, you will need to register as a new member.

Attended 2022 ABCP Annual Conference?

If you attended the 2022 ABCP Annual Conference as a paid non-member participant, your 2022-23 membership fee will be waived. In other situations, you will still need to register as a member first and then visit the “membership renewal” link in the above section to pay your 2022-23 membership fee.

Upgrade Your Associate Membership to Full Membership

If you are an Associate Member but were recently promoted to be a full professor thus eligible for our full membership, you should contact us via to remove your Associate Membership and register as a new Full Member.

Membership Rules and Registration Fees

Our detailed membership rules can be found here. The current registration fees (2022-23) are as follows:

  • Full Member: £20 p.a.
  • Associate Member: £10 p.a.

If you register for attending the 2022 ABCP Annual Conference, you will be exempted from your membership fee for one year.

Contact Us

If you are unsure about which membership type fits your current status, please contact the Association’s VP for Memberships & Policy via