This is the web page of the Advanced Manufacturing track of the ABCP 2021 Annual Conference, to be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd July, 2021. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for the manufacturing research scientists and entrepreneurs in UK to exchange their recent R&D advances in the field of manufacturing. In 2021 conference we have two main topics: (1) advanced manufacturing, and (2) digital enabled green manufacturing.

We have about 50 speakers, including: distinguished scientists, business leaders and leading researchers in their own fields over the two afternoons.


Day 1: Friday 2nd July 2021 (Zoom link)

1:00-2:00pm: Keynote speeches,  Chair: Professor Hongbiao Dong,  University of Leicester

  • Advancing materials with the Royce Institute
  • Light-weighting technologies for transportation vehicles and 0-emissions
  • Additive manufacturing of multiple & functional graded components by laser powder bed fusion
  • Need led product design & manufacture – development of rapid test kits for Covid-19

2:00-2:20pm: Question and panel discussion

2:20-2:30pm: Coffee/tea and networking break

2:30 -3:00pm: Invited talks, Chair: Professor Yi Qin, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

  • Manufacturing R&D at Materials Processing Institute
  • Introduction to British Steel
    • Speaker: Richard Holcroft, COO of British Steel
  • Introduction to TWI
    • Speaker: Steve Shi, Director of Membership, TWI

3:10-3:55pm: Members talks: Advanced Manufacturing (I), Chair: Professor Bo Chen, University of Leicester

  • Ultraprecision manufacturing in an industrial scale: approaches and implementation perspectives
  • Case studies of numerical modelling of additive manufacturing processes
  • Advanced manufacturing technology for modular construction
  • Decarbonising the steel industry
  • Selective electron beam melted intermetallic alloys
  • Overview of materials research at Bristol EMAM Group
  • Laser polishing of powder based additive manufacturing components
  • Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites 
  • Application of AM for microwave payloads in space

3:55-4:00pm: Coffee/tea and networking break

4:00-4:45pm: Members talks: Advanced Manufacturing (II), Chair: Professor Jian Ren LuUniversity of Manchester

  • Lightweight materials and structure manufacturing
  • Surface functionalised CVD diamond and applications
  • Abrasive machining
  • Surface treatment of aluminium automotive sheet
  • Low temperature hot stamping technologies and applications
  • Manipulating texture in magnesium alloys
  • Vibration-assisted milling and its applications 
  • Surface integrity in machining  
  • Solid state pressure bonding and its applications

4:45-5:00pm: Networking & Discussion, Chair: Professor Jian Ren Lu & Professor Bo Chen

Day 2: Saturday 3rd July 2021 (Zoom link)

1:00-2:15pm: Keynote speeches, Chair: Dr Liliang Wang, Imperial College London

  • Stepping towards industrial 6th sense
  • Progress and challenges: China’s manufacturing industry 
  • Kinematic morphing structures
  • A data-driven model for managing information services in era of big data and artificial intelligence of things
  • Additive manufacturing for orthopaedic applications: challenges and opportunities

2:15-2:25pm: Question and panel discussion

2:25-2:30pm: Coffee/tea and networking break

2:30-3:00pm: Invited talks,  Chair: Professor Haitao Ye, University of Leicester

  • Introduction to Jiangsu Centre for International Technology Transfer
    • Speaker: Cen Huang, Deputy Director
  • Introduction to NISCO
    • Speaker: Changliang Liu, Head of Strategy of Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd (NISCO)
  • Introduction of Ning Bo Ke Chuang Zhu Shou Ltd,
    • Speaker: Weiguang Qi, CEO of Ning Bo Ke Chuang Zhu Shou Ltd
  • Introduction to Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua, Zhejiang
    • Speaker: Qianlei Yao, Associate Director
  • Software Development for Advanced Manufacturing
    • Speaker: Zhanli Guo, Technical Director of Sente Software Ltd

3:00-3:10pm: Coffee/tea and networking break 

3:10-3:50pm: Members talks: Digital Manufacturing (I) , Chair: Dr Jun Jiang, Imperial College London

  • Join the knowledge movement 
  • Interfirm relationship in the age of industry 4.0 
  • Smart remanufacturing and maintenance optimisation 
  • Formulation design for in-use performance in topical drug delivery 
  • Parallel robots for high precision flexible manufacture  
    • Speaker: Dr Yan Jin, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Nanoparticle reinforced lightweight metal composites 
  • In-Situ mechanical testing of high temperature materials 
  • Flexible and intelligent path planning of industrial robots towards autonomous manufacturing 

3:50-4:00pm: Coffee/tea and networking break

4:00-4:40pm: Members talks: Digital Manufacturing (II) , Chair: Zhanli Guo, Sente Software Ltd

  • Contextualised disruptive opportunities for manufacturing
  • Ultra precision technologies in the new era of digital manufacturing 
  • Design for stamping: mechanism-based and data-driven modelling of manufacturability constraints 
    • Speaker: Dr Nan Li, Imperial College London
  • AI-driven design towards industry 4.0 
  • Modelling of welding and additive manufacturing
  • Robotic disassembly technologies
  • Digitally supported plasma processing
    • Speaker: Dr Nan Yu, University of Edinburgh
  • Metallurgical big data and analytics

4:40-4:55pm: Networking and Discussion, Dr Jun Jiang & Zhanli Guo

4:55-5:00pm: Closing remarks by Professor Yi Qin, University of Strathclyde

Organising Committee

Professor Hongbiao Dong, University of Leicester (Chair)
Professor Yi Qin, University of Strathclyde (Co-chair)
Dr Liliang Wang, Imperial College London (Co-chair)
Dr Jun Jiang, Imperial College London
Professor Bo Chen, University of Leicester
Professor Haitao Ye, University of Leicester
Professor Jian Ren Lu, University of Manchester
Dr Biao Cai, University of Birmingham