This page lists selected publications of the ABCP.

Ongoing Project

We are currently calling for contributions to a book entitled “100 British Friends of Mine“(《我的100个英国朋友》), which we plan to publish as a book in Chinese and in English. Each contributed article is published on the ABCP’s WeChat official account, whose titles and links can be found below:

  • name, title pointing to a WeChat link

October 2020

A book contributed by members of the ABCP, Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Future Society (《人工智能与未来社会发展》), was published by the Science and Technical Documentation Press (科学技术文献出版社) in China.

August 2020

Working with a number of UK universities, ABCP has produced a short movie to welcome Chinese students to study in the UK. Watch the video by clicking the link here: HD version, SD version.

June 2020

Public release of Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Applicants’ Decisions to Study in the UK: A survey report (re-edited version) to all for free