This is the web page of the Energy track of the ABCP 2021 Annual Conference, to be held on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd July, 2021.


Day 1: Friday 2nd July 2021 (Zoom link)

1:00-1:05pm: Welcome and introduction

1:05-1:30pm: Next generation energy system to support Net-zero strategy

  • Professor Xiaoxin Zhou (周孝信教授), Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of US National Academy of Engineering, Honorary President of China EPRI (中科院院士、美国工程院院士、中国电科院名誉院长)

1:30-1:50pm: The supergen offshore renewable energy (ORE) hub

  • Professor Deborah Greaves, OBE, FREng, FICE, FRINA, Director of Supergen ORE Hub, Head of School, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, University of Plymouth (英国皇家工程院院士、Supergen ORE Hub主任、普利茅斯大学工程、计算和数学学院院长)

1:50-2:10pm: Direct-drive power generation technology for offshore wind

  • Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu (诸自强教授), FREng, IEEE Fellow, Founding Academic Director of Sheffield Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Research Centre, University of Sheffield (英国皇家工程院院士、IEEE会士、谢菲尔德西门子歌美飒可再生能源研究中心大学创始主任’)

2:10-2:30pm: Challenges of meeting net-zero greenhouse gas targets

  • Professor Gautam Kalghatgi, FREng, Visiting Professor, University of Oxford (英国皇家工程院院士,牛津大学访问教授)

2:30-2:50pm: Challenges and energy storage based solutions for future net-zero carbon energy grids

  • Professor Yulong Ding (丁玉龙教授), FREng, Founding Chamberlain chair of Chemical Engineering, Highview-RAEng Chair of Cryogenic Energy Storage, Director of the Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage, University of Birmingham (英国皇家工程院院士、伯明翰大学储能中心主任)

3:00pm: Closing of the session

Day 2: Saturday 3rd July 2021 (Zoom link)

1:00-1:05pm: Welcome and introduction

1:05-1:25pm: New challenges and development on energy internet

  • Professor Zhaohong Bie (别朝红教授), Changjiang Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, Dean of School of Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) (教育部长江特聘教授、西安交大电气学院长)

1:25-1:45pm: Opportunities for Decarbonisation of Transport Systems

  • Professor Clive Roberts, Professor of Railway Systems, Head of School of Engineering, University of Birmingham, Director of the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (铁路系统教授、伯明翰大学工学院院长、伯明翰大学铁路研究与教育中心主任)

1:45-2:05pm: Power system situation awareness and online dynamic modeling

  • Professor Chao Lu (陆超教授), Changjiang Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, Vice Dean of Department of EE, Tsinghua University (教育部长江特聘教授、清华大学电机系副系主任)

2:05-2:25pm: Multi-energy networks enabling a net zero future

  • Professor Jianzhong Wu (吴建中教授), Professor of Multi-Vector Energy Systems, Head of  School, School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Co-Director of UK Energy Research Centre (多能源系统教授、卡迪夫大学工学院院长、英国能源研究中心副主任)

2:25-3:00pm: Discussions: research and education opportunities and international collaborations

Organising Committee

Professor Xiao-Ping Zhang (张小平), University of Birmingham (Chair)
Professor Yulong Ding (丁玉龙), University of Birmingham
Professor Hongming Xu (徐宏明), University of Birmingham