This form is for joining the ABCP as a new (or returning) Associate Member. If you intend to attend the ABCP 2020 Annual Conference, please read this guidance on how to benefit from a discount of the conference fee and to avoid potential over-payment.
Please choose a username, which will be used for your account on the ABCP website.
Please choose a password carefully, which will be used for accessing your account on the ABCP website. If you forget this password, you can still reset via your email address.
Please choose a password carefully, which will be used for accessing your account on the ABCP website. If you forget this password, you can still reset via your email address.
You cannot change the email address once registered on this website, so use an email address that can last for a longer term. If possible, please use your work email address that match your affiliation to allow us to verify your affiliation. We reserve the right to reject your registration if we cannot verify your affiliation with the claimed institution.
Please enter your WeChat ID here, which is important as a lot of activities of ABCP will be communicated through WeChat groups. If you don't have a WeChat ID, we strongly recommend you register one. If because of any reason you cannot have a WeChat ID or don't want to disclose it to ABCP, please fill in "NA" to continue.
Please enter your Chinese full name here.
Please enter your English full name here. This should be the one identical to what your institution's official website shows for verifying your affiliation.
Please select your gender. This is your self-identified gender, not necessarily how you are recognised by the government.
The list is compiled based on HESA recognised Higher Education Providers in the UK. If your institution does not appear here, then your membership will need approval by the ABCP Management Committee. Please contact ABCP VP for Memberships & Policy ( for such an approval before registering your membership.
Currently we only accept academics with the listed academic ranks as Associate Members. If you hold a different rank, please study our Membership Rules ( and write to to clarify if you are eligible.
Please enter the FULL name of the main department or school you are affiliated with at your research institution. If you are jointly appointed by two or more departments/schools and you see yourself belong to both, include all such departments and schools and separate them by semi colons (;).
Please list your main research areas (separated by commas) here. These should be more concrete research topics as your department/school will show your main discipline. You could fill in the official professorial title if that include one or more explicit research areas.
Please enter the URL of your individual official web page at your institution's website, which is needed for verifying your eligibility.
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The membership fee for Associate Members

The first payment method allows you to pay from your PayPal account or a credit/debit card, with a commission paid to PayPal as the real-time Payment-as-a-Service. The second payment method means you pay the fee by bank transfer offline yourself (an email will be sent to you with ABCP's bank account details). We do NOT recommend you use a credit/debit card to pay as it will incur a higher commission.