The ABCP is supported and working with many different organisations in different sectors including academia, industry, government and charities. There are several categories of collaborations we consider. If you are interested in any of the following ways to collaborate, please contact us.

  • Partners: Organisations who want to work more closely with the ABCP on joint events, research and innovation projects, training programmes, consultancy services, etc.
  • Sponsors: Organisations and individuals who are interested in providing financial and technical support on activities of the ABCP such as covering part of costs of running events.
  • Other types of collaborators: Please feel free to contact us if your organisation has other ideas for collaborations with the ABCP.

Current Collaborators


ABCP agreed to establish a strategic partnership with Beijing Vstartup Co., Ltd (北京创业公社) in October 2018. VSTARTUP logo
The ABCP is supported by Wiggin LLP, a law firm specialising in technology and intellectual property. Based in London, the firm advises clients on the financing, exploitation and protection of their creative and commercial assets in these sectors. The firm’s Brussels office provides legal support and lobbies EU decision makers on behalf of clients. Wiggin LLP logo


Golden Arrow Overseas Consulting (上海金矢咨询有限公司) Golden Arrow
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (中华人民共和国驻大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国大使馆)
Sino British Cultural Education Exchange Center (中英文化教育交流中心) 中英文化教育交流中心