Date: 21 March 2020

Coronavirus: Together we can do it!Considering the rapidly developing COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, the ABCP’s Standing Managing Committee has decided to call for donations to support frontline medical staff of the NHS in the UK.

The donations will be collected via the Association’s bank account and all members of the Association have been contacted with the detailed information on how to donate.

The Association also calls all British Chinese people to do the same to support the NHS at the critical time of the nation’s and the world’s battle against COVID-19. Only by working together can we end this global pandemic to an end to protect health of all people in the world.

The Association is also actively contacting NHS hospitals to understand what medical equipment is in urgent demand and how we can best provide our help. We are also in the process of helping collect information about qualified and reliable medical equipment suppliers in China, in order to help the NHS select the best suppliers to meet the urgent requirements of hospitals and frontline medical staff in the UK.

If you can provide any help to the Association on this new donation campaign and our efforts in helping the NHS and frontline medical staff in the UK, please contact us via

More updates about the new donation campaign can be found on the Association’s dedicated public information disclosure page on all our efforts against COVID-19 since Jan 2020.