This is the web page of the Advanced Manufacturing and Materials track of the ABCP 2024 Annual Conference, to be held on Friday 5th July 2024.


Friday 5th July 2024 (Venue: Room 042A, University of Leicester School of Business, Leicester LE2 1RQ +  MS Teams / Meeting ID: 330 023 200 95 Passcode: j6rrKy)

1:30-4:45pm Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Chaired by Dr Liliang Wang, Imperial College London, UK
1:30-1:45pm Unleash the Potential of Digital Transformation: EU H2020 Project, FBD_BModel
Henry Li, The University of Manchester, UK
1:45-2pm Nature-inspired Interlaced Printing Strategies for Additive Manufacturing Highly Improved Mechanical Properties
Jingchao Jiang, University of Exeter, UK
2-2:15pm Application of a Chamfer Technology to Overcome Bulging Deformation of Slab Narrow Side During Mechanical Reduction Process
Nanfu Zong, Technology Center of Ben Gang Group Corporation, China
2:15-2:30pm Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Steelmaking End-Point Temperature Using a Large-Scale Industrial Dataset
Jianbo Zhang, University of Leicester, UK
2:30-2:45pm Advances in ESG and Ecodesign for Circularity
Haoke Liu, University of Mancheste, UK
2:45-3pm Fabric hand digitalization and traceability in wool textile manufacturing processes
Xu Wang, University of Mancheste, UK
3-3:30pm Refreshment Break(Venue: Brookfield Atrium)
3:30-3:45pm Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Performance of (BiSb)2Te3 Films by Single Target Sputtering
Ruoying Zhang, University of Leicester, UK
3:45-4pm Practices and Firsthand Experiences in Managing Innovation, New Product and Technology Development in a Manufacturing Company
Pengzhu Wang, Tension Technology International UK, UK
4-4:15pm Understanding Polymer Behaviours in High-Pressure Hydrogen Environments: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Chao Wu, Imperial College London, UK
4:15-4:40pm Materials and Manufacturing of Gas Turbine Engines
Hongbiao Dong, University of Leicester, UK
4:40-4:45pm Concluding Remarks
Hongbiao Dong, The President of ABCP, University of Leicester, UK

Organising Committee

  • Dr Liliang Wang (王礼良博士), Reader in Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK & Co-Chair of ABCP AIG on Advanced Manufacturing

How to join the sessions online

Please use the MS Teams Meeting ID: 330 023 200 95 Passcode: j6rrKy, or scan the QR code below